07 December 2007

Peggy Noonan - AGAIN!?

Something is wrong when on the same day I read a column by Peggy Noonan and one by Charles Krauthammer that I agree with. Must be some kind of harmonic convergence. Either that or all hell has frozen over (come to think of it, all schools were closed today because of ice). What worries me the most is that this is not the first time Noonan has come up with something I liked.

This time it was about Mitt Romney's speech about his faith last night. For the most part she liked it - which seems to be the consensus out there in both blogland and the MSM. Her conclusion is a bit less of a consensus, though I have seen similar sentiments expressed here and there.

There was one significant mistake in the speech. I do not know why Romney did not include nonbelievers in his moving portrait of the great American family. We were founded by believing Christians, but soon enough Jeremiah Johnson, and the old proud agnostic mountain men, and the village atheist, and the Brahmin doubter, were there, and they too are part of us, part of this wonderful thing we have. Why did Mr. Romney not do the obvious thing and include them? My guess: It would have been reported, and some idiots would have seen it and been offended that this Romney character likes to laud atheists. And he would have lost the idiot vote.

My feeling is we've bowed too far to the idiots. This is true in politics, journalism, and just about everything else.

I believe the idiots in her last paragraph refers to idiots in general. In which case, she left out education.

She also left out the fact that Romney's political opponents would almost certainly have 'operatives' who would have spun the reports and claimed that Romney was a crypto-atheist himself.

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At 07 December, 2007 23:44, Blogger jack perry said...

Was Thomas Paine an atheist? For some reason I had the impression that he was.

At 08 December, 2007 17:02, Anonymous Joey said...

No, he was a a Deist. Arguably, he wrote the most influential defense of Deism, "The Age of Reason".



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