07 January 2008

Politics - a class act

Here's a little film clip courtesy of Andrew Sullivan of campaign workers setting up signs in support of their candidate.

As I said, a class act.

[though some viewers insist that the campaign workers were within their rights removing an opponents signs. Oh well. I report. You decide.]

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At 08 January, 2008 12:52, Anonymous Joey said...

Even if they are within their rights (meaning the signs were on public property) that doesn't make it right.

Although, to be fair, there is nothing saying Mitt supports this.


At 09 January, 2008 12:26, Blogger Clemens said...

Yeah, though I think their point was that the school where the signs were was hosting a Romney event so it was the proper time to change the signs in front of the school, on school property.

But I am not sure.


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