01 February 2009

Time for the Demos now

Well, I must say it has been fun making fun of the Repubs these last few months. Now most of them are gone except for the ones still in Congress who seem to be infuriating the ones in the various governors' mansions around the country. But it is the Demos now who are in power and unfortunately are now caught doing what they do best: playing politics while the house burns down.

To get things rolling in a properly bipartisan spirit I am linking to the latest screed from Glenn Greenwald, formerly known as "Bushbane" (to coin a Norse -like neologism), this one about how disgusting Tom Daschle is:
But there's no need to withhold judgment on Daschle himself. He embodies everything that is sleazy, sickly, and soul-less about Washington. It's probably impossible for Obama to fill his cabinet with individuals entirely free of Beltway filth -- it's extremely rare to get anywhere near that system without being infected by it -- but Daschle oozes Beltway slime from every pore.

And that is the politest thing Glennwald and the Rolling Stone reporter he quotes have to say about the man, by a long shot. Read it yourself. Poor Clemens just doesn't use words like that, in print anyway.

As I said months ago regarding the way the former VP and current Prince of #%$ Darkness was allowed to schedule his meeting with the police after shooting a man in the face, there are two systems of justice and judgment in this country. One for THEM, the wealthy and the powerful, and one for us, everyone else.

in the former paying your taxes is optional unless you want public office.


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