27 March 2009

A Congressman discovers the Medieval Warming Period!!

There, when you least expect it, medieval history rears its ugly head, right here in a speech by a Republican congressman. He is confident that humans will adapt to what he sees as natural global warming without too much difficulty.

I almost hate to tell him about the millions who died due to that medieval warming period but why let a reassuring theory be destroyed by an ugly fact. Besides, we will adapt. The survivors, anyway.


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At 29 March, 2009 21:00, Anonymous The Old Man said...

Ah, yes. Good old nuoc mam. It may smell bad to some people, but it is very good. The one that you need to watch out for is mam nem. It is not a clear pressed out liquid, but has mashed up fermented fish in it. It looks bad, smells bad and (for me) tastes bad.

At 30 March, 2009 22:44, Blogger Clemens said...

Uh. I think this was misplaced. We were talking about the Medieval Warming period, which is why the Vikings could make a go of it in Greenland. For a few centuries.

I've always liked nucmam, though.


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