11 November 2009

Dies illa et Tu-Tube

You can come across the strangest stuff on You-tube. I use it to find music videos I listen to while I grade. Some of it is riveting - which is why I sometimes stay up too late. Not to grade, but simply to listen to the music.

I found this Lux aeterna - it is all over You-Tube. For some reason the war gamers (legions of them) love to add it to videos of their latest slaughter.

And I discovered this. Karl Jenkins' Dies Irae wedded to a video from the movie Matrix. I liked it so much I searched through everything I could find of Jenkins. Wonderful stuff, including some where he teams up with Tiri Te Kanawa. There is a complete requiem, and a complete requiem for peace called "The armed man."

think I'll go 'grade' some more.



At 13 November, 2009 08:34, Anonymous The Old Man said...

Hmmmm. A requiem for peace called "The armed man." I think that I have heard that in some political talk.

At 15 November, 2009 00:37, Blogger Clemens said...


An oxymoron.


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