02 November 2009

Foxx News

Once again doing the great state of North Carolina can be proud. This from TPM:

On the House floor today, Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) warned that health care reform poses a greater threat to American freedoms than "any terrorist right now in any country."

"Everywhere I go in my district, people tell me they are frightened," Foxx began, reports Think Progress. "They fear for the future of our country. What they're talking about is, they fear for our freedoms."

Watch the video. For what it is worth, I live in her district. I returned a post card to her telling her explicetly that I was anxious for government health care and could hardly wait until we get it. But then, I probably am not the type of real American she wants to talk about.

Who knows? Perhaps down here they really ARE that frightened.

well, I least we got rid of Liddy Dole.

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At 02 November, 2009 21:38, Anonymous Maire said...

I have no doubt a few people (Glen Beck fans, no doubt) have told Rep Foxx they are scared. Have you seen the Op Eds in the Mountain Times this week? I also have no doubt that Rep Foxx has very, very selective hearing -- you and I can talk, but we might as well stand in front of her and just flap our arms like chickens. At least then, she might pay attention for a moment.

At 04 November, 2009 19:32, Blogger Clemens said...

Well, at least in blogland she is making a big splash for North Carolina.


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