06 February 2010

Tea Party time

Good times indeed. As reported by the Frum Forum, Tom Tancredo led off by lamenting the lack of a literacy test for voters. Tancredo, like your faithful correspondent, is old enough to remember when most southern states had just such tests. They were designed to stop blacks from voting. I am not sure, but I think that may be what he had in mind. And then there was this guy, Joseph Farah, chief of World Net Daily:

Farah started fine — heaping praise on the constitution, and urging America’s leaders to be faithful to it. He ended well, too, with a stirring exhortation to “take the offense in this struggle.”

But these flourishes were merely the bread in a lunacy sandwich — the filling of which were 10 solid minutes implicitly questioning whether Barack Obama is an American citizen. In 2012, he declared, every single election lawn sign should say: Show me the birth certificate.

It’s a silly line of attack against Obama — one that’s become the stuff of parody on late night cable shows. Even Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck have turned their back on the Birthers. Yet Farah’s cheap shots on this subject got big ovations. Message for the cameras: This is a room full of conspiracy theorists.

And this:

What’s worse, Farah wrapped up his Birther nonsense in Jesus’ garb, going on in semi-satiric detail about how the Bible documents Jesus’ lineage in a way that Obama cannot.

I believe Jesus is descended from some guy named Jesse.

personally, I'd check our DNA.


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