18 May 2010

More oldies

Here is a capsule review of a book that now seems prescient, though I remember reviewers thinking the author was throwing too much stuff that wasn't really related to the decline of the American republic. Here's what I said about it a few years ago:

17. American Theocracy by Kevin Philips (audio). I am not in a mood to write much about this right now. It’s a good book examining three major trends in American political life that Philips thinks are terminal for the Republic: dependence on foreign oil, the rise of a religious party (the Republicans) for the first time in American politics, and the rise of high finance as America’s principle industry. Over drawn and overly pessimistic, but an important read if you are a politically aware citizen.

I am not so sure after three years of crazy politics and imploding banks that his view was as over drawn as I thought!

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