25 April 2010

Norway, Home of giants!

Such was the title of a fake, and achingly hilarious, spoof on travelogues and Norwegian society by John Cleese of Monty Python fame. At the time, though living in Minnesota and thoroughly familiar with the Norwegian mindset, I wondered what caused him to berate the Norwegians as humorless, homicidal maniacs on skis. Now I know.

Norway banned Monty Python's "Life of Brian" as being too offensive.

This led the more liberal Sweden to run ads for the movie trumpeting "So Funny It Was Banned In Norway!"

Odd. I always thought you had to have a sense of humor to serve lutefisk to guests.

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At 25 April, 2010 21:28, Blogger jack perry said...

Odd. Of all the Monty Python movies, the only one I found offensive to Christian faith was The Meaning of Life. But that was offensive to far more than Christian faith.

The Life of Brian, now, that was funny. Romanes eunt domus—I can't ever forget that. Not quite as funny as the man-eating rabbit and the Holy Hand Grenade, though.


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