29 April 2010

Without Comment

via Andrew Sullivan.


At 30 April, 2010 02:14, Blogger jack perry said...

Ah, he's just jealous.

At 30 April, 2010 02:20, Blogger jack perry said...

Having found the original quote, I'm also disappointed that an ambiguity in the wording leaves an obvious loophole. "20 by 20": a loss of 20% in 20 years by cutting 2% of calories every year.

Well, 2% of what? of the 2010 amount, or of the current amount? If the latter, then cutting 2% of calories ever year only cuts 18% of calories by 2020, and not 20%.

That's not a big deal in only ten years, but it goes a long way to explaining the budget deficit, the housing crisis, people's addiction-then-slavery to credit cards, etc.

At 18 May, 2010 12:42, Blogger Clemens said...

Me, I'm giving up on using credit cards for the most part. Why send 3-5% of my money to people I don't like and don't respect when I can leave it here with the merchants (whom I usually like and might respect)


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