09 June 2010

South Carolina - once again

No, this isn't about sex, lies, and the Republican Party. It's about the Democrats. And the just plain ol' inexplicable. Here's a brief rundown on Alvin Greene, a guy who decided to run for the Democratic nomination for the suicide run against Jim DeMint (R).
Greene's unemployed, recently out of the Army and living with his parents, and has an outstanding felony arrest from last year for showing obscene photos to a college student.

Back in March he walked into the state Democratic headquarters with a personal check for $10,400. That's the filing fee. The party people said they weren't allowed to take a personal check. It had to come from a campaign account. So a few hours later he came back with a check from a campaign account. And he signed up to run.

And that was it. He held no events. He never campaigned. He didn't go to the convention. He never filed any money filings. He never raised any money. He didn't even have a website. In other words, by every conceivable measure he never actually mounted a campaign.

Naturally he won the primary.

any theories greatly appreciated.


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At 10 June, 2010 00:12, Anonymous Maire said...

Where did he get $10,400?

At 10 June, 2010 11:40, Anonymous The Old Man said...

I read about this before I saw your post, and I do have a theory. Other people were "knowns", and if there is one little thing that someone does not like about you they may be inclined to vote against you. When they look for someone else to vote for and they see Green, they have nothing to vote against him for (they don't know anything about him) so he gets their vote.


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