04 June 2010

Someone in South Carolina gets it right!

Due to the nasty, borderline unfair nature of those last two posts about South Carolina, our beloved neighbor to the south, I have decided to let someone who seems to be sane and is also a Republican gubernatorial candidate, SC Attorney Gen'l Henry McMaster have the last word:
The behavior of my opponents, their campaigns and their supporters over the last few weeks has not served our state well. In fact, it's been embarrassing.

South Carolina is a wonderful state, blessed with talented people, abundant resources and unlimited potential. Success is ours for the taking. And it's time we start acting like it.

For the sake of our state and our people, I'm calling on them to cut this nonsense out right now. They should rein in their attention-starved surrogates, re-focus on the important issues at hand, and renew their commitment to putting South Carolina's interest above their own self-interest.

Because in the end, any short-term personal political gain they may earn comes at the expense of South Carolina's bright future.

So, does this mean his campaign is toast?


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