06 July 2010

About immigration

Another out of touch elitist progressive wants to lay out the welcome mat for foreigners ...

... uh, wait. That's JEB BUSH!

Never mind.

(Actually, I am surprised this wasn't published in the Wall Street Journal).

we elected the wrong Bush

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At 06 July, 2010 15:52, Blogger jack perry said...

we elected the wrong Bush

Actually, people routinely fail to recollect that one big reason W lost approval points with the electorate was precisely because he worked pretty hard to, ah, "lay out the welcome mat" himself. Between that, Iraq, and Hurricane Katrina, he was done for.

McCain was in on that action, too, which (along with McCain-Feingold) is one reason he failed to, ah, "excite" the conservative base.

At 07 July, 2010 11:47, Blogger Clemens said...

No - not on this one issue but overall. We would have been better off with Jeb, though I doubt I would have voted for him.

There were several things I liked about the Bush we got: he was right about taking out the Taliban, he was right to be willing to spend political capital on Social Security reform (though wrong about how he went about it), and right about immigration reform (as was Ronald Reagan for that matter).

But in the long wrong the Double Zeros will never be rehabilitated I am afraid.

At 10 July, 2010 23:21, Blogger Clemens said...

Talk about Freudian slips - that was supposed to be "in the long run"


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