01 July 2010

Bogus linguist but a nice job title

Do you remember the story that Obama's speech on the oil spill was written at a 10th grade level, and thus an example of elitist contempt for the average American, who was not able to follow it?

If only.

The "linguist" who did this analysis is not really a professional linguist. In fact, he simply passes himself off as an expert on something or other based on having a Harvard degree. Which he did not really get, though he did take some courses in comparative literature from the Harvard extension program.

But what the heck. That's good enough for CNN. Read about it here. I thought that was supposed to be a liberal media network. Oh well.

To be fair, the guy swears he has never claimed to be a linguist. He is the "chief word analyst" for his company." Honest.

now Kathleen Parker is relying on him. A shame. She's so much cuter than Maureen Dowd.


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At 02 July, 2010 09:41, Blogger jack perry said...

I thought that was an argument put forward by liberals to explain why Americans were nonplussed by the administrations' speech. Certainly conservatives were making fun of liberals for that a while back, although much earlier there was some talk about how Obama was speaking at a lower grade level than Bush. Really. But since the man uses words like "dissing" in his speeches, it doesn't surprise me.

At 04 July, 2010 12:16, Blogger Clemens said...

Bush, or Obama?

I think too many self-styled experts, found by the legion on aol.com's home page btw, are running western society. I mean the ones who are getting paid for finding fault in whatever you want to talk about. Like - is fat or cholesterol bad or good for you? Is your (male) child hyperactive? Lacksadaisical in school? Not perfect?

We have a solution for you! Just mail in a $100 bill and we will solve this malady.

At 04 July, 2010 17:55, Blogger jack perry said...

What, using the word "dissing"? Obama.


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