10 July 2010

The rich are not like you and me ...

... they're idiots.

Here is an article from Forbes.com by someone named Dirk Smillie sneering at the notion that Sarah Palin made over $12 million last year.

Instead, as Dirk tells us, she only made $10 million at best.

He then goes on to list all of her sources of income and how meager they really are. Only 5 or 6 speeches at $250,000 a pop, only $2.5 million as an advance on her book, and a smaller advance for her next book which has a smaller run, etc.

So, for the rich folks out there, this is apparently contemptible small change only a parvenu should be satisfied with. Dirk is certainly contemptuous of those wildly exaggerated claims that she is getting rich off her fame. A piddling $10 million in her first year. HA!

But as Carmen pointed out, that would pay the whole budget including salaries of the county library she just got laid off from for ten years, including inflation.

do they pay journalists for this?


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