25 October 2010

The Elites

It has been a steady thesis here that the elites, old and new, failed and were seen to fail during the double aughts. It is one of the reasons, I suspect, that the Tea Partyers are so angry. But who are the elites?

There is a revealing article here from the Washington Post that may throw some light on the 'new' elite. Fortunately (from my pov) I don't fall into this category: didn't go to an elite university (though I went to an excellent one - Un of MN), live in a small town (really small), don't work for an elite school (ahem), didn't marry a fabulously elite and wealthy spouse (that's not a complaint!), and actually have a few good friends who are Evangelicals (despite being an Episcopalian from birth, once the sign of the 'inner' elite).

The major thing that worries me about the new elite is that their predominate ethic seems to revolve around careerism.

a type of family value btw


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At 25 October, 2010 20:15, Anonymous The Old Man said...

What??? You mean that we are not an elite family?? (Maybe that's just you.)

At 25 October, 2010 22:33, Anonymous Maire said...

Who is Jimmie Johnson and what does MMA mean? And I never have read a Left Behind novel.

At 29 October, 2010 13:38, Blogger Clemens said...

No. We aren't a 'new' elite family. Just a very old elite family in a rather, uh, idiosyncratic way.


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