02 October 2010

Churchill's sense of proportion

Wandering through the Frum Forum, the last overtly right wing blog I can read with profit (and some minor entertainment in between gritting my teeth) I came across this:

Winston Churchill once entered a men’s room where his Labour Party rival Clement Attlee was standing at a urinal. As Churchill moved to the far end of the room, Attlee asked: “Feeling standoffish today, are we, Winston?”

Churchill’s reply went down in history: “That’s right. Every time you see something big, you want to nationalize it.”

The rest of the article is worth pondering too. It explains my first paragraph here.


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At 02 October, 2010 15:39, Anonymous Jack Perry said...

Are there any Churchill quotes that haven't gone down in history? he was a one-man quote factory. As for Atlee, well... he's the unfortunate straight man in too man skits.

I quit reading the right-wing weblogs a while back (unless religious ones count). I also stopped listening to NPR. I usually read only newspapers, including online newspapers like WaPo or WSJ, and my life is more serene than I recall in a long, long time.

Life's too short to live in a state of permanent outrage.

At 02 October, 2010 22:34, Blogger Clemens said...

We got rid of our TV. I don't read National Review anymore, and usually only check the headlines on the Washington Post and NY Times. I also get the WSJ headlines but the last few weeks have stopped reading them. Not enough time.

It is more profitable to spend my time in the 14th century with the Alans and the Catalans (the article is almost finished!)

At 03 October, 2010 06:09, Anonymous Jack Perry said...

Speaking of ancient history, quotable dead men, and the Washington Post: George Will has an, ah, "interesting" article/review on a new book of the letters of Daniel Patrick Moynihan. A lot of good quotes there.


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