29 October 2010

A little Mongol history from Jon Stewart

Carmen brought home from the library Jon Stewart's (or his team of writers') new book Earth (the Book): A Visitor's Guide to the Human Race. On one page is a supposed birth announcement that I will quote in full, because it appeals to my sense of humor and they get the history right, mostly.

Genghis and Chaka Khan
are pleased to announce
the birth of their son
November 5, 1185

At the Khentti Maternity Yurt

May he be a blight on the World!

This is hilarious if you are into Mongol humor.

Carmen and I once named a dog Jochi (though later he had to change his name to Riley-ugh)

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At 02 November, 2010 09:07, Anonymous Maire said...

Ok, that really is hilarious. I am such a geek.

At 02 November, 2010 11:57, Blogger Clemens said...

You should have seen Jochi the Dog.


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