01 November 2010


A Korean man over 75 is more likely to be working than a Frenchman in his early 60s. [NYT via Sullivan]

But you knew that already, didn't you.

it's a factlet, not a factoid.

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At 02 November, 2010 08:26, Anonymous The Old Man said...

Just what is the difference between a factlet and a factoid oh wise and wonderful friend of Marrian Webster?

At 02 November, 2010 11:53, Blogger Clemens said...

Here it is, courtesy of the history professor:

A factoid is a thing that looks like a fact, walks like a fact, squawks like a fact, but is NOT a fact.

A factlet is just a tiny little fact, or a datum.

I've harped on this before.

(btw, Marrian is the name of a woman I once dated, not the name of the dictionary guy)

At 03 November, 2010 22:33, Anonymous The Old Man said...

So you are telling me that my spelling of the dictionary guy is a factoid, and that the Marrian you dated is a factlet? (You should know that spailing is not one of my strong points.)

At 10 November, 2010 12:47, Blogger Clemens said...

No. Actually my relationship with the Marrian turned out to be a factoid.

To my surprise.


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