09 January 2011

The King James Bible

Having grown up hearing the King James translation of the Bible read out almost every week and often enough reading portions of it myself I still find myself unconsciously using Bible metaphors in my language. Not long ago I led our little Episcopal book club in reading a book on the history of the translation. It is a powerful force in the shaping of our language and for me and my fellow Episcopalians our faith.

So I was pleased today to read this little essay in praise of the King James Bible. In the godless New York Time no less.

since King James was a notorious homosexual it has always amused me to see the anti-gay crowd thumping their King James translation while fulminating.

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At 11 January, 2011 19:31, Anonymous Joey Sobrino said...

Episcopals use KJV? That surprises me, I thought pretty much only Baptists kept to the KJV with most other mainline churches going with NIV (or ESV).


At 16 January, 2011 19:03, Blogger Clemens said...

For official purposes. Otherwise we use whatever Bible we want. Unlike, say, Muslims, Christians seem to believe that any old translation will do.

At 17 January, 2011 11:56, Blogger Clemens said...

Besides, as Tia Carmen reminds me, aren't you, uh, "Epicopalian" challenged?

At 19 January, 2011 19:25, Anonymous Joey Sobrino said...

I should send that to Reader's Digest next Christmas.



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