16 January 2011

My ex-Southern homeland

Loudoun County, Mosby's Confederacy, Northern Virginia. From Winchester to Arlington, and depending on how you want to count it, Washington itself. My home town.

I was born in Leesburg and grew up on a farm in a community whistling 'Dixie' and saluting the Stars and Bars. I had an accent peculiar to Northern Virginia, though I believe I have lost most of it. It was the Old South in a great many ways. I suspect my brother the Confederate Nut still thinks it is.

Alas for tradition, no. At least not according to this article from the Washington Post. It contends that various cultural signs point to a marked downgrading of its Southerness due to all the outsiders who have moved in. Considering what I have grown into, and my current attitude about the South in general, probably a good thing.

just as long as they stop tearing up the countryside for their damn ugly houses.

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