21 April 2011

Republicans in Alaska

Amid growing signs that the Tea Party is fading in energy, losing focus, being coopted in Congress, and in general revealing that it was about nothing, Frum Forum mounts some statistics from Alaska.

A new Dittman Research poll in Alaska shows Sarah Palin’s favorable rating is upside down at 36% to 61%.

For comparison, the U.S. Senate candidate Palin backed, Joe Miller (R), is even worse off at 18% to 73%. And her arch nemesis, Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), is at a sky high approval of 71% to 27%.

The part about Palin doesn't interest me since Big Al in Alaska told me months ago that her star had set as far as Alaska was concerned. But Joe Miller has tanked and Murkowski rides high.

Now that's interesting. Miller was Tea Party all the way and managed in the rage of the moment to unseat the establishment Murkowski who then went on to show that there are Republicans, and there are Conservatives, and there are Tea Partiers. In other words, at least in Alaska, the struggle between Tea Party insanity and something at least approaching sanity has been fought.

And won.

for the time being.

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