14 May 2011

Trolls from Japan via Paris in Alaska

Catchy title, huh? Actually this is from Mudflats, the go to blog for intelligent commentary about Alaska politics by a real Alaskan. She keeps a running account (apparently) of the trolls who visit her site. I like this one, with Mudflats commentary.
Every Tea Party type troll sounds like an ESL troll, and I’ll give you that point. But this one came complete with Japanese characters in the identifier. And it is actually sort of a a sweet little troll. Here’s what he had to say:

I find myself strongly over it, and love learning on this topic, and melted it a bit leaving resin on the bottom of the part 2.

Awwww. (pinches the trolls cheek) I find myself strongly over it too, little fella. Even though you left resin on the bottom of the part 2.

Another interesting thing about this troll I discovered as I checked his location of origin, feeling certain it would be Tokyo, is that he is actually from Paris. Yes – Paris, France. And they say Parisians are rude! This is the cutest little troll I’ve ever seen.

There is some more gushing but you get the picture. The way to Mudflats heart is speaking fractured near incomprehensible English with a Japanese/French accent.

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