17 June 2011

Handwriting skills

Apparently not all children have been taught handwriting, particularly cursive writing (though Maeraed seems to be doing fine in that department). Many people seem to think that typing is the skill you need - otherwise, how are they going to text? Or blog? Or twitter? On the other hand, there are good reasons for requiring good old handwriting.

New research shows writing things out by hand not only increases brain activity, but also helps develop fine motor skills and can even predict how well a student will do in school, the Chicago Tribune reports.

So everyone should write something by hand this week.

preferably with a fountain pen.

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At 17 June, 2011 22:56, Anonymous Maire said...

Hmm, my handwriting is terrible (and has gotten worse as I've come to rely on the keyboard). What was that about predicting how well I might do in school?

At 21 June, 2011 22:22, Blogger Clemens said...

And I thought you were just going to complain about the fountain pen part.


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