26 August 2011

REAL class warfare

... and it ain't from the Left.
For supporters of Perry, who grew up poor in rural Texas, the Texas twang adopted by Mr. Bush, a product of elite East Coast schools, rings false. Supporters of Mr. Bush, meanwhile, view Perry as an unsophisticated "hick," according to author R.G. Ratcliffe, who is writing a book on Perry. (It's worth noting that when asked recently what differentiated him from his predecessor in the governor's mansion, Perry pointed out that he went to Texas A&M, while Mr. Bush went to Yale.)

By the way, you should read Perry's magnum opus, Fed Up. It's a hoot coming from someone who wants to run for president.

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At 27 August, 2011 17:44, Anonymous Maire said...

Hmm, I get paid about 1/3 what he does, I can't open a business, my health insurance is far worse than his, I work insane hours, and, um, campus shootings anyone? And I don't get personal security. I guess I just never appreciated how tough his life was. You know, since our state republicans are busy destroying everything I've been working for my entire career.


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