18 August 2011

Getting a little nervous are we?

It ought to be pretty simple to defeat Obama since the economy is going down the tubes again. But there seems to be some worry among the Right's stipendiary pundits:
Consternation on the right about the lack of a viable candidate next year is gaining traction. Jonah invokes the Buckley rule (one should support "the most rightward viable candidate") and warns the GOP to err on the side of electability:

There follows a quote from Jonah on Andrew Sullivan.

As Budweiser once told me about politics, "you can't beat something with nothing." So let's see what they have after the primaries. Remember last time?

By the way, Buckley is famous for driving the John Birch Society and others of the ilk out of the conservative movement. Basically, if I remember correctly, because he thought they were so crazy and repellent they would permanently damage the movement.

They're back.

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