10 August 2011

Why it's about nothing

I know that there are a lot of reasons why people want to be known as Tea Partiers but I still believe that in reality it is about nothing. Their complaints did not exist, at least on media radar, until after Obama was elected. Their complaints and solutions now are either inconsistent or contradictory.

And once their candidates are in office, they wander off to do business with the rich folk just as they have always done like, say, Rep. Austin Scott of Georgia according to Dana Milbank:
In a broader sense, Scott’s bill gets at what has long troubled me about the Tea Party movement: It is fueled by populist anger, but it has been hijacked by plutocrats. Well-intentioned Tea Party foot soldiers demand that power be returned to the people, but then their clout is used to support tax cuts for millionaires. They rally for tougher immigration laws, but then their guy in Washington helps corporations to fire U.S. workers and hire foreign nationals.

The company he defends by wanting to abolish Legal Services is guilty of favoring immigrants over native born, the very nub of anti-immigration complaints.

I wonder if I should tell Budweiser about this? For a conservative he is a damn good Legal Services lawyer.


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At 10 August, 2011 15:12, Anonymous The Old Man said...

You have to watch out about these people with "Scott" in their name somewhere. The govenor in Wisconsin, the one in Florida, this guy and .... is there anyone else. A couple of the comments that I liked at the end of the article.
"In the beginning the tea party was angry and didn't know what they were doing. Now they're happier but still don't know what they're doing."
"I read an article online at a local paper regarding a study of economic growth and projected growth completed by an academic researcher. The only commenter was a tea party leader in our area and she said "I don't believe anything academics have to say because they are probably all political." The Tea Party isn't just ignorat, they are ignorant and proud of it."

At 11 August, 2011 15:26, Blogger Clemens said...

What about the name? That's as crazy as numerology, or astrology.

Nomenclature is not destiny!

Now being left handed: THAT is a telling characteristic.

(but then I am an academic)

At 12 August, 2011 11:57, Anonymous The Old Man said...

Have you ever seen "The News of the Weird's" facination with the middle name Wayne?


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