07 October 2011

Question of the week

Or the month, or the year, since I don't do this often. But - here it is:

What famous Arab-American who had an enormous impact on the way you live your life recently died?

Answer will be revealed whenever I feel like, or until someone tries to answer it.

UPDATE: The Old One got it! Don't know how that happened. But here is the answer, straight from Stephen Colbert.

second question: what Arab-American says he will run for president, has run for president, and will never be president?

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At 07 October, 2011 19:12, Anonymous The Wife said...

I hope Casey Kasem is OK; he is the only reason Americans are so good at counting backwards from 40.

Extra credit answer: Nader.

At 07 October, 2011 19:58, Blogger Clemens said...

Kasem is still kicking (or bopping or whatever) as far as I know.

And Nader is the Arab American who continually drives Democrats to distraction by running for prez. Probably more responsible for the Bush Years than the Supremes.

Any other guesses?

At 07 October, 2011 21:05, Anonymous The Old Man said...

Let's go with Steve Jobs. (And he doesn't even look like a terrorist.)

At 07 October, 2011 22:41, Blogger Clemens said...

And the answer is!

Steve Jobs.

It's so embarrassing when the Old One is correct.

(btw, have you gotten a cell phone yet? I mean, in case SOMEBODY IMPORTANT MIGHT NEED YOU.)


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