01 October 2011

Vikings in the News!!

In Ireland a re-date has pushed back the date of a recently discovered burial site. Irish hyperbole ensues.
Researchers said a journey back to 7th century Ireland could reveal some surprising
similarities to recent boom times in the country.

Dr Aidan O’Sullivan of UCD school of archaeology said: “This society that emerges out of the darkness of late prehistory was the first Celtic Tiger economy.

It's fun though. Ireland before the Scandinavians messed it up.

not that there is any Norse DNA in the present population. No sir. We're all Celts here.

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At 01 October, 2011 21:06, Anonymous Maire said...

Aidan is an old friend -- and he's been to our school to speak! Sadly, he's also in favor of the M3 motorway past Tara.


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