27 June 2007

Just for Murty Abu Mags

So as I was saying to Abu Mags after my second pint of Oatmeal Porter (a health food, btw), Ann Coulter is so into it for the money and NOTHING ELSE. She has no more ideological commitment to conservatism than she has to Neo-Manicheanism. He wanted proof. Abu Mags believes that as loathsome as she is, Coulter is a sincere true believer.

Ha! I said, only slightly slurring my words. I'll put something on the blog that will convince you. And here it is. Click here, watch the video, pay no attention to what Coulter is saying, but watch the look on her face in the final half second.

by the by - ever wonder why Philip Pullman, in his Dark Materials trilogy, named the arch villainess, the one who maims and psychically destroys children, Mrs Coulter? Just wondering, myself.


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