13 August 2007

Rove wants to spend time with his family

Claims it is because his son is going off to college so they want to spend a lot more time together. Now admittedly it is a long time since I went off to college but I don't remember going with the idea that I should spend as much time as possible with the dear old Mater and Pater. But maybe I was just weird. Anyway, that's the excuse (or reason) that Rove is floating to explain his departure from the White House. For those of us more familiar with the aquatic habits of seagoing rodents another explanation springs to mind.

Still, I am a wishy-washy liberal and I don't want it said that I am allowing my political biases to cloud my assessment of this brave public servant. Here is Michelle Malkin's ode to the departing Rove. And Michelle is as close to a rabid conservative Repub I can imagine.

btw, the picture on Michelle's post shows that old Repubs CAN get down. It clearly brings tears to the eyes of the guy standing behind Rove to your left.

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