24 August 2007


After getting back from that place down south I immediately had to start acting like I still had a job, i.e. the new school year started. Monday bright and early I went off to several meetings where I was told all kinds of irritating stuff. For instance the senior checks which are time consuming and detailed will no longer be done by administrative staff trained to do it, but by the professors. I guess they didn't think we had enough to do. But as I have always said, the good folks of North Carolina can either pay me to teach their children or to push paper. Seems like they are content with the latter.

Tuesday classes started. After six months out of the class room I am trying to get back into the swing of things. So far so good. I am determined to try to get most of my work done during the day and not have things hanging over my head every evening and weekend so have been unusually busy the last few days.

Hence, very few posts. I am not sure how much blogging I will do this semester, but we'll see.

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At 25 August, 2007 00:14, Blogger jack perry said...

Boy, do I know what you mean.

At 27 August, 2007 10:31, Blogger Clemens said...

I thought you might!


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