03 December 2007


Or perhaps I should say 'handwriting.' What good is teaching it, since every kid is now wired into a keyboard almost from birth?

As it turns out, quite a bit, according to Newsweek (via Andrew Sullivan). And as many of us have always suspected, it should still be taught, and more intently than the less than 10 minutes a school day at best that is now devoted to it.

Hand-writing. It's not just for fountain pen fanatics.

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At 03 December, 2007 14:31, Blogger Joey said...

I was never a fan of cursive. Whenever I right that, it is a modified cursive and whenever I am writing a letter, by hand (only thank you notes), I prefer printing.

This could be an engineering thing because none of my friends write in cursive either.


At 04 December, 2007 12:55, Anonymous Maire said...

You need help (and I don't mean Joey).

At 04 December, 2007 18:08, Anonymous Joey said...

Oh I do just not for this ;)

Apparently I need help with homonyms. Right = Write for the post...


At 06 December, 2007 11:16, Blogger Clemens said...

So who needs help?

I don't have any problems.

Well, I didn't until I started taking care of a whip smart stubborn little 5 yr old.


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