07 January 2008

Send all the campaign handlers packing - please.

Here is an essay about what listening to campaign handlers, pollsters, media flacks, and consultants have done to Mitt Romney's run at the presidency. The author, John Ellis, talks of what might have been:

Romney's only real choice was to run as a Republican Gary Hart, the candidate of "new ideas" for a party in desperate need of some. That would have at least given him the flexibility to play to his strengths; his intellectual prowess, his business acumen, his demonstrable executive skills and his admirable personal qualities. And it would have enabled him to attract a wide array of advisors and intellectuals to help him think through innovative policy positions on what appear to be intractable issues.

As such, he would have been a candidate I could respect and, perhaps, vote for. As it is ....

Shakespeare should have said in "Henry V", "First thing we do is kill all the campaign handlers."

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