04 April 2010

"I'm a professional, damn it!"

Yes, the man who is paid big bucks for acting stupid brilliantly may actually be ... well, you know. Here is his claim to fame from that little article about wrecking ridiculously expensive cars.
. McLaren F1: $960,000

Rowan Atkinson, the actor, in October 1999 crashed his 240 mph machine, one of the fastest production cars in the world at the time.The former star of Blackadder and Mr Bean collided with the rear of a Metro driven by Margaret Greenhalgh, 62, as he was driving north on the A6 near Lancaster, UK.

You might remember the Metro: slow, tiny, awkward, and about as expensive brand new as a new set of tires for Roland's car.

kids, don't try this at home.

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