31 May 2010


The old fashioned way. Unconched.

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At 31 May, 2010 23:22, Anonymous Maire said...

Did you get me a birthday present yet?

At 01 June, 2010 07:16, Blogger Clemens said...

I'm on it.

At 01 June, 2010 21:50, Anonymous Maire said...

Actually, my sister lives in Somerville. I'm trying to guilt her into sending me a small package -- apparently she buys their chocolate all the time!

At 02 June, 2010 12:19, Blogger Clemens said...

According to the Taza website it is sold at Bare Essentials in Boone.
Though I haven't had a chance to check this out yet.

At 04 June, 2010 13:27, Blogger Clemens said...

Just for the record, Taza chocolate was purchased, delivered, and consumed along with a glass of good Malbec wine.

Not for everybody, but good stuff.


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