02 June 2010

Foxx News

This is from a blog about local politics I just found, WataugaWatch. Keeps you update on all the political wackiness of the western end of the Tarheel state. Here is it's latest about our favorite NC politica, Virginia Foxx:

"Stupid Is As Stupid Does

That's Congresswoman Virginia Foxx posing with a poser, one Patrick Thacker, who was passing himself off as a representative of the U.S. Navy Association. Thacker is not a veteran of the U.S. Navy nor an actual member of the U.S. Navy Assoc. He was a "stand-in" at an expensive Florida political reception for Congresswoman Foxx, who has now gotten herself insinuated into a big investigation of the U.S. Navy Association, which has been nothing more than a political fundraising operation for right-wing politicians, complete with fake business cards and an "office" in Washington, D.C., that's nothing more than a P.O. box in a UPS store.

The tangled corruption, and Foxx's dumb involvement in same, was outlined yesterday in an investigative piece in the St. Petersburg Times. "

The St Petersburg Times - a lonely sane voice in that pestilential swamp to our south.

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At 02 June, 2010 21:57, Anonymous Maire said...

"Foxx's son-in-law is Turkish." I wonder what she'll say publicly about the current flotilla debacle? It's just hard to believe someone this crazy keeps getting elected.


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