31 July 2010

About that mosque...

I was amused this morning, amid all the overheated hubbub about the proposed mosque and or Islamic center three or four blocks from ground zero in Manhattan, to read about efforts for the Boy Scouts of America to make their current jamboree Muslim friendly. Along with a lot of high tech gadgets an "inflatable mosque provides a place for Muslim scouts to worship."

Amazing. As a former Scout who actually earned three or four merit badges (and wished there had been one for reading large books about history) I have a certain amount of respect for the institution but am a bit bemused, particularly when the article describes the latest scouting styles.
Some boys sport lime-green hair to match the T-shirts of their non-dress uniforms, and most wear loose-fitting knee-length shorts, some surfer-dude cool with bright swirls.

What would Baden-Powell make of this?

And having almost finished the Baburnama, I wonder: wouldn't the first Moghul have loved to have had an inflatable mosque to take along on his raids? Not to mention his wine parties.

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