24 July 2010

High School

I went to HB Plant high school in the Palma Ceia part of Tampa. Don't worry - after about 15 years, some constructive drinking, and a move to Minnesota I recovered.

This guy apparently didn't.

But he does make much more money than I do.

though he had to sue his own brother to do it.



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At 24 July, 2010 23:44, Anonymous The Old Man said...

And just which one of your brothers has enough to make them worth suing? (I feel safe.)

At 25 July, 2010 10:52, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is also from Gallagher's website:

Well we elected Bush because he was the kinda guy you could have a beer with and now things are so bad we're drinking. Happy now?

Sure, I find the stuff offensive, and I wouldn't patronize him. It surprises me, because he didn't seem anything like that back in the 80s when I saw the TV specials.

But low-brow humor is offensive. To conclude that Gallagher is a hate-filled, right-wing loon because his act makes fun of the president, a former president, and the French seems odd. None of it seems (to me) to be beyond what one might have seen on Saturday Night Live back in the 70s or 80s (including a lot of the vulgarity).

Remember Eddie Murphy's "Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood?" Would the author of the article conclude that Eddie Murphy was a hate-filled, right-wing loon back then, too?

Maybe I just had to be there, but I can't quite make that leap.


At 25 July, 2010 14:19, Blogger Clemens said...

Old One: It's the thought that counts.

JP: This really wasn't intended as a political comment. It's about a high school in that unnamed port city to the south (I hope Carmen doesn't read this). And I was vastly amused that G. sued his brother G. Sometimes you should glance at my labels.

Anyway, I would happily conceded that as a starting point, Gallagher is as crazy/offensive as Eddie Murphy.

At 25 July, 2010 17:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry about that. I wasn't replying to you, but to the Salon article. Somehow, following one link to the other, I got confused on who wrote what.

Second time this week I comment on your weblog & feel like a moron.


At 25 July, 2010 22:15, Blogger Clemens said...

Happens to me all of the time, especially when commenting on my own blog.

Carmen at dinner was chuckling over a book called "The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything" - it seems the author once annoyed a reader who wrote back that in his case the S.J. after his name stood for "Stupid Jerk." We can join the Order.


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