26 July 2010

This beer's for you, Sr Sobrino

This was going to be a "Without Comment" post, but I had to get in the homage [pretentious French pronunciation] to Joey who I hear is moving to an apartment in Charlotte right around the corner from a beer bar with 100 beers. It's from a link on Daily Dish to a cite honoring really ugly animals.

Snout Stout? Rogue? Anyone ever hear of any of these?

We are planning our first visit even as I type.

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At 26 July, 2010 22:33, Anonymous Joey Sobrino said...

I have had several Rogue beers (their Dead Guy Ale is one of my favorites) but not this one.


At 31 July, 2010 13:47, Blogger Clemens said...

Tia Carmen insists that I point out that it is a beer bar with 110 beers ON TAP!


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