20 July 2010

Kindle News

I am still laughing about all those comments from computer geeks when the Kindle e-reader first came out insisting that it was a dumb machine that only did one thing and nobody would buy it. And indeed, no one bought it who thought just like them.

But the geeks kept deriding it, even as some pointed out that Amazon was selling every single one they could manufacture. Somehow, in geekdom, this did not amount to a success, because people who thought just like them would never buy one. It was still a dumb machine that only did one thing: read books. And how many people could there be out there who only wanted a machine that could read books?

Plenty. Amazon now says they sell more Kindle books than hardcover books. That's a lot of books. And the price, as friend Curtis my favorite computer geek warned me, has dropped, now to a mere $189. At this rate they will soon be like the old camera companies - they could practically give their cameras away since it locked you into to buying their film forever.

Meanwhile, I am getting closer and closer to buying one.

and for the record, analysts think that Amazon will sell 3.7 million Kindles this year.


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