15 July 2010

Moma Grizzlies, journallist mode

Yes. Moms can be ferocious in protecting their young. And sometimes in simply protecting something they hold dear. Here is one young, three time mom doing just that by tearing David Weigel several new ones, all with a certain calm, je ne sais quoi.*

It is hilarious. Unless, of course, you are a fan of the great Moma Grizzly herself.

[NB: One of Weigel's fellow commentators at the Daily Dish linked to this, which bespeaks a certain honesty we should see more of.]

in honor of his majesty, the Louis XIV wannabe, the incomparable Roushbauex, I am using French.


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At 15 July, 2010 15:53, Anonymous The Old Man said...

YOU'RE feeling "ancient and decrepit"! How do you think hearing you say that makes me feel?

At 17 July, 2010 21:00, Anonymous Maire said...

Twits is right (not the Old Man, the blogger in question). While I am no fan of the Big Momma Grizzly, people really will believe anything. I wonder, is there any overlap between the Trig birthers and the Obama birthers? It seems they should be opposing camps, but....

At 20 July, 2010 15:37, Blogger Clemens said...

Ancient and decrepit enough to comment on the wrong post?

At 23 July, 2010 18:09, Anonymous The Old Man said...

Exactly! Since you are so much younger than me you picked up on that right away.


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