05 August 2010

Latin Music

I am so weird that every time I go into a store with music and I see the section labeled "Latin Music" for one brief moment I expect it to be LATIN. Instead, it's always stuff in that neo-Latin dialect called Spanish in vulgo, though it is really Castilian.

But there are a few hit songs in Old Latin. The Old One has done some research and found this version of "Gaudete" by Steeleye Span to match the one I linked to some time back.

And "O Caritas" by Cat Stevens has always been a favorite of mine.

And how could I forget this. It Academic I suppose.

I am appalled however by the people who criticize the English accent used by Steeleye Span. Are they so ignorant that they think there is a correct Latin accent, these days? There are various systems of pronunciation, and Germans sing theirs with a German accent, the Italians with theirs (that awful ecclesiastical pronunciation), and the English, ever weird, with their own idiosyncratic version with an upper class English accent. Even if we could bring back someone who could pronounce it as a native, we have 1500 years to chose from and a stretch of space from Scotland to Iraq. Think they all would sing it with the same accent?

Non of that working class Cockney stuff for us! Can't have that.

I just had a flash image in my mind of John Cleese saying that with his best upper class accent.

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