12 August 2010


Robots. A Czech word, I believe. Anyway, here is one of them. Isn't he (she? it?) pretty?
[from Matthew Yglesias]

why, look. I believe it is coming your way.


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At 14 August, 2010 14:14, Anonymous Jack Perry said...

"Robot" comes from the Slavic word for work.


At 17 August, 2010 22:52, Blogger Clemens said...

Yes, it joggled my memory, as did the crossword puzzle I was working on yesterday.

"Play by Capek"

Answer: R.U.R.

I think it stands for Rossem's Universal Robots, a company in the play that made mechanical workers. It was the first use of the word in that meaning and soon entered English. Up until that time I guess we made do with something else, like the 'Tic-Toc Man' in "The Wizard of Oz."

At 17 August, 2010 22:55, Blogger Clemens said...

Do you have any idea what those folks in the Russian video a few posts back are saying?

At 18 August, 2010 15:12, Anonymous Jack Perry said...

I don't know. It looked weird. I wanted to ask my wife, but I forget when I'm at home. If I ever remember, I'll let you know.


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