13 September 2010

Ace police investigation

Someone sent a threatening e-mail to the head of the Delaware Republican Party saying he deserved a bullet in the head for supporting Castle (the GOP backed candidate) over O'Donnell (the Tea Party backed candidate) in the Senate primary.

I found this paragraph from the story too funny not to pass on:
The identity of the emailer was not immediately known, though the official said that the person "wrote his name and address" on the note -- providing obvious information for authorities to use.

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At 13 September, 2010 20:55, Anonymous The Old Man said...

I liked the ace police work in CA, where two weeks after a 73 year old man was found bludgeoned to death and his son reported missing, someone found the son wrapped in plastic in a closet of the house where the Father was killed and which the police had not checked all that close.


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