12 September 2010

"Leave History to the Old Guys"

I fell in love with that headline to a mini-essay even though it was on the Frum Forum. And its worth a read to. It's certainly a sentiment I like, now that I have passed into my sixties and am struggling to get out another book. Heck, I'm struggling this weekend to get out a 30 page article.

This time though I won't blame it on Mora, the alluring but evil spirit of procrastination: I've been sick. Hard to think when you have fever and chills.

But I'm on the mend. In the meantime, read the little essay I linked to. I checked the second book mentioned, Reflections on a Ravaged Century, turned it back to the wrong library, and neither I nor the library has been able to find it.

in other words, I owe Wilkes Co. $60. I think that is now 1% of their total budget thanks to our local politicos.

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