27 November 2010

Conservative Salt of the Earth

As I admitted a few posts ago, I am often confused, but never more so than the strange notion many Americans had that George W Bush was just a regular guy, one of 'us.' He was the millionaire son of a millionaire's son, whatever else you want to say about him.

I feel the same way about the elite bashing the Right is indulging in. Who exactly are they talking about? Apparently, not the folks like Jay Nordlinger over on NRO's 'The Corner' who takes cruises to Cozumel like all the regular folks.
In my cruise journal, I have some notes on Cozumel (Mexico), one of our stops — one of the stops on NR’s recently concluded “post-election” cruise. I say that the island has countless old VW Bugs, painted in various, imaginative ways. I was reminded of high-school homecoming. A reader writes, “One year, we found the neatest Christmas decoration in Cozumel — a VW Beetle convertible with Joseph driving, Mary beside him with Baby Jesus in her lap, and the three Wise Men in the back seat!”

For what it's worth, when I visited Mexico it was to spend two months in a mountain village between Toluca and Mexico City.

fun times.

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At 30 November, 2010 21:44, Anonymous Joey Sobrino said...

Cruises to Cozumel from Tampa are like 80 bucks a day. Not exactly a status symbol.

But then maybe I am a travel snob (though... I really would like to do a cruise at some point...hmmm)


At 02 December, 2010 13:11, Blogger Clemens said...

For some of us, a cruise is a cruise. And anything Nordlinger writes strikes me that way.

And, uh, you ARE a travel snob. A beer snob too.

Your saving grace.

At 05 December, 2010 22:51, Anonymous Joey Sobrino said...

^The thing about travel snobs is that frequently the snobbery is inversely proportional to price and directly proportional to crazy stories, alcohol consumed, and number of people sleeping in your room.


At 10 December, 2010 09:34, Blogger Clemens said...

uhhh.... Joey? Are you trying to tell Tia Carmen something about your past? Something we should know?



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