26 November 2010

Why you should shop locally

At least, if you have any interest in the economic health of your friends and neighbors.

... but sometimes it is impossible.


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At 29 November, 2010 12:27, Anonymous Jack Perry said...

That doesn't quite account for the fact, however, that locally-owned shops are often much more expensive and feature much worse service. If they're friendly, it's only until they make the sale.

This varies widely based on location and culture, of course. I've been to locally-owned shops that make me want to return again and again, but I've been to plenty that deserve to be driven into the ground.

At 02 December, 2010 13:14, Blogger Clemens said...

Odd, because not in my experience. It is true that it is usually more expensive, but in some cases even that is not enough to give up the service. It depends on what you are getting I suppose. I will shop at WalMart or Staples for some things.

Clothes though I prefer to go to a local shop and talk to somebody other than the teenager of the day to help me find something worthwhile.

And in a community suffering economically the way this one does, I feel a certain impulse to buy local. Produce, e.g. is much better than the chain grocery.


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