18 November 2010

The New South

Parts of it look very much like the old South I grew up in. And it is always amusing to watch various pundits who didn't grow up in the South, or outside of a big city, or in some few cases, even in America (e.g. Frum and Sullivan) try to make sense of it.

Here comes a little quote from a New Southerner now:
And in Arkansas, a new Republican state lawmaker and champion of the Confederate Battle Flag, was asked this week what that flag means to him. "It's a symbol of Jesus Christ above all else," Loy Mauch said. "It's a symbol of Biblical government."

What flag would Jesus fly?

somehow I can't believe it would be of a slave owning, racist, oligarchy, but I could be wrong.

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At 21 November, 2010 22:26, Anonymous Joey Sobrino said...

I would think you might be able to say that about other flags like the Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, English, Icelandic flags...but I could be wrong.


At 26 November, 2010 12:53, Blogger Clemens said...

According the the Right these days you'd be wrong. God wrote the Constitution and America is his City on the Hill.

But then, you are a libertarian, which if you push it a bit, would seem to be an Anarchist. I think.


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