20 November 2010

Opinions on health care

Glenn Beck's take:
"We have a right to health care, really? God doesn't give health care. Man provides health care. So how can it be a right. If you are endowed by your Creator with certain unalienable rights, how can a God-given right be health care, unless Jesus comes down and starts to open up a clinic and heal us himself? There cannot be a right to health care, because the rights come to God."

And Pope Benedict's:

Access to adequate medical attention, the pope said in a written message Nov. 18, was one of the "inalienable rights" of man. [...]

The pope lamented the great inequalities in health care around the globe.... Because an individual's health is a "precious asset" to society as well as to himself, governments and other agencies should seek to protect it by "dedicating the equipment, resources and energy so that the greatest number of people can have access."

Don't know the effects of this last opinion.

though I hear some hold his opinion about God to be more authoritative than Beck's.

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At 21 November, 2010 09:06, Anonymous Maire said...

"God doesn't give health care"? Last I checked, Jesus did a whole lot of healing. And he healed Samaritans (foreigners) and left us with commandments like "Take care of my sheep." (John 21). Blessed are the afflicted anyone?

At 21 November, 2010 11:30, Blogger Scott said...

Sure. Follow the Catholic line.

At 22 November, 2010 23:19, Blogger Clemens said...

BTW, why is the media, both new and Mainstream, obsessing over the popes stand on condoms?

This is MUCH more significant.

At 23 November, 2010 20:18, Anonymous The Old Man said...

So the declaration of independence list three unalienable rights - life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I would think that health care would fall under the first (if you are dying from cancer and can’t pay for the meds) and the third (if you are sick and have gone into bankruptcy, you won't be very happy.) As they say two out of threes not bad.


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